I was restaurateur, primarily focusing as an Executive Chef where my menus were a fusion of French, Italian and Asian. Why is this important? As a Chef, l learned to respect the earth more than most.


This is most true for life to exist thus "The Four Elements" or six dependents upon one's views. From Fire at the core of the Earth it is known as the first element


There are many attributes that fire stands for, from passion, creativity, warmth, power and energy thus it is transformational and stands for light. Here Divine Designs ltd. intends on bringing this element into your home with positive energy, lots of creativity from the passion within. Which is most especially true in the heart of the home, the kitchen.

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From the fire being lit within, there is a regeneration taking place which has you dreaming of what can and will be with Divine Designs Ltd. aid. Thus, change a characteristic of water. Water, washes dirt away and make new again. Water also brings stability, devotion and unconditional love where we hope its fluidity is flowing in the bathroom where most everybody heals.


Cleansing ourselves, as we take a deep breath of Air, thus the life force of all. Air is symbolic of intelligence, perception, knowledge, communication and harmony. Taking these elements helps keep us grounded. The solidity of the earth provides us with nourishment, and abundance, security, dependability as well as introspection and intuition.


D edication: We are dedicated in giving our clients “peace of mind” through every step of the project.


​​I ntegrity: “It is being honest with others, as well as with yourself, it is not so much what you say, but what you do when nobody is looking.”© Divine Designs ltd.™, is a leader in providing the best value per customer service and satisfaction.


​​V alue: We have a high standard of "Code of Ethics" and Our reputation is based upon, “Respect, Trust, Honesty, Communication and Financial Integrity,” which ensures longevity of my company through repeat and referral business, and we love clients who desires and seeks the same.


​I mplementation: We listen! From the 1st meeting, until you are smiling at the end of the project. We strive in Communication, Innovation, Attention to Detail, Aggressive Performance, yet implement best safety practices, and are meticulous in our endeavors.


​​N onpareil: We live and sleep, contracting! From the design stage, unto the building phase, this is Our Passion and what we take pride in; and hope you agree: "Divine Designs ltd. are a model of perfection."


E fficient: Our creativity is not harnessed, Our craft is always being perfected, yet have built long lasting relationships through timeliness and exceptional performance by every member of our design and build crew.

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As the sun rises ideas start *popping* off in your head. So many choices, and as you begin to feel overwhelmed, take a deep breath, close your eyes, and see what you want. As you open your eyes slowly exhaling, call me Michael 720 584 1584. Let me and my team at Divine Designs ltd., "Bring your dreams and visions to fruition."

Divine Designs ltd., hopes to bring you peace and tranquility in the bathroom we created, delight your senses in the basement we finished, and a little piece of heaven in your new addition, as you sit in awe for many years to come. Divine Designs ltd. "We'll create what's on your mind."

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From our first contract and project, you will have become a part of the "Divine family", an see why we are about being the 'Best'.


We are very passionate about what we do, thus want all our customers to have an exceptional positive remodeling experience. From the first contact, we want you to know that you are hiring a professional company.

Therein, I want to ensure longevity of "our company" through repeat and referral business, which is achieved by; "integrity, customer satisfaction in all areas including timeliness, foresight, attention to detail, having service minded attitudes, yet innovation through aggressive performances, but not ever sacrificing quality, and being safe by all means, thus admired for our people and partnership performance."

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